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Building semiconductor structures in optical fiber

John V. Badding and Venkatraman Gopalan
Pennsylvania State University

Pier J.A.Sazio
Optoelectronics Research Centre, University of Southampton, UK


Fabrication of semiconductor devices inside microstructured optical fiber may lead to all-fiber optoelectronics.

The backbone of the information superhighway comprises optical fiber. Optical fiber technology has lead to the revolution in telecommunications and is affecting many other fields, from defense and remote sensing to biomedicine. This impact is growing in part because of rapid advances in active fiber devices for which the fiber serves not only as a passive waveguide, but also as a medium to directly modulate, generate or otherwise manipulate optical radiation.

In addition, the pervasive nature of electronics and optoelectronics technology based on silicon, GaAs and other crystalline semiconductors is familiar to almost all scientists and engineers...

Photonics Spectra (2006) Vol.40(8) pp.80-88

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