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Fabrication and testing of a micro-fabricated PCR Device with an integrated fluorescence detector

M.Bahrami, A.G.R.Evans, J.S.Wilkinson*, B.Husband, N.Sessions*, T.Melvin*

Dept. Electronics and Computer Science and *Optoelectronics Research Centre,
University of Southampton, UK


In this paper, we report the complete microfabrication of a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) device with both integrated temperature cycling and fluorescence detection elements. Also experimental data of temperature cycling and fluorescence detection system which includes an integrated photodiode covered by a thin film of cadmium sulphide as an optical filter are presented. Experiments indicate that temperature cycling is much faster than conventional PCR thermocycler also the composition of the photodiode and optical filter produces enough attenuation at excitation wavelength for fluorescence detection.

16th MicroMechanics Europe Workshop Gothenburg, Sweden (2005) pp.358-361

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