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Fluidic control using superparamagnetic beads

B.Husband, T.Melvin, A.G.R.Evans

Dept. Electronics and Computer Science and Optoelectronics Research Centre,
University of Southampton, UK


The use of magnetic beads, for the control of fluid in micro channels is discussed here. The magnetic beads are used to form a plug-like plunger, to control fluid in a micro channel. A theoretical force and water flow rate exerted by the bead plug has been determined. Initial work has shown it is possible to move fluid in a micro channel with volume flow rate of up to 7.2μl min-1 and measurements have been made for the force which a bead lug can exert. The results suggest that this method of fluid control may have applications for a BioMEMS pipette.

15th Micromechanics Europe Workshop MME Leuven Belgium 5-7 Sep (2004) Poster

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