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Propagation mode of cold evaporated zinc sulfide planar waveguides

S.Saleh, A.Chik, M.N.Dalimin, H.N.Rutt*


This paper discusses the propagation mode of ZnS waveguides fabricated by thermal evaporation technique at cold substrate temperature. A substrate holder that was fitted with a thermoelectric cooler was used to cool the substrate. The substrate temperature of the deposition is controlled at 50 C. The substrates used were silica (glass) slides and oxidized silicon wafers. The propagation modes of the waveguides were studied with a Prism Coupler which was fitted with a 633 nm laser source. There was only one TE mode observed for the 150 nm thick waveguide and five TE modes for the 800 nm thick waveguide for both types of substrates. From the modal analysis, the refractive index of the ZnS thin films is 2.346.

Borneo Science (2005) Vol.17 pp.55-61

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