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Electrically driven 8-14 micron band solid-state modulator

C.Y.Lee, H.N.Rutt


Simulation results for an electrically driven 8-14μm band, solid-state modulator based on a high purity germanium p-i-n diode are presented. Known carrier recombination mechanisms detrimental to device performance along with ways to reduce their effect are detailed. Device simulations using 'ATLAS', indicate that modulation depths of up to 99.5% attenuation for incident infrared radiation centred at 10.6μm can be achieved by using ion-implanted device construction and optimisation of the design parameters. Preliminary transient analysis attained higher modulation frequency when transient large bias voltage (2V) is used momentarily during switching.

Joint SEAS & EMRS DTC Technical Conferences Edinburgh 13-14 Jul (2006)

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