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Fabrication of a microfluidic chip for PCR applications

M.Bu, B.Husband, T.Melvin, G.J.Ensell, N.P.Pham, P.M.Sarro, J.S.Wilkinson, A.G.R.Evans


The fabrication of a microfluidic chip for application to polymerase chain (PCR) is presented. In this chip, a micro peristaltic pump was integrated to pump a reactant droplet. PCR reaction chambers, Pt heaters, temperature sensors, and pn-diodes were fabricated on a silicon wafer. Access holes for fluid and electrical connections, and pump membranes were etched in a Pyrex wafer, which was anodically bonded onto the silicon. Three PZT discs were glued on pump membranes to actuate the micro peristaltic pump.

14th MicroMechanics Europe Workshop Delft, The Netherlands 2-4 Nov (2003) pp.119-122 Poster

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