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An electrically driven solid state modulator

Suresh Uppal, Harvey N.Rutt


Simulation results for the design and fabrication of an electrically driven solid state modulator are presented. The design criteria has identiped various trade-offs in the manufacturing of an electrically driven modulator using a p-i-n diode to be made from high purity Ge. The issues relating to the doping, layer thickness and contact material for the diode fabrication are discussed. A compromise between the high 'ON' state transmission and uniformity is required to achieve the optimum performance from the device. Using FEMLAB and ATLAS a p-i-n diode with different apertures has been simulated which clearly show the effects of non-uniformity and the requirement of a mesh-type electrode for a uniform absorption across the large device apertures.

2nd EMRS DTC Technical Conference Edinburgh 16-17 Jun (2005)

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