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Metallo-dielectric photonic crystals for reproducible surface-enhanced Raman substrates

J.J.Baumberg, M.C.Netti, S.Mahnkopf, J.R.Lincoln, M.D.B.Charlton, S.J.Cox, P.J.Ayliffe, M.E.Zoorob, J.S.Wilkinson,
Mesophotonics Ltd, 2 Venture Road, Chilworth Science Park, Southampton, SO16 7NP

N.M.B.Perney, S.L.Jaiswal
School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Southampton, UK


Planar photonic crystals comprised of metals and dielectrics show huge enhancements in the surface-enhanced Raman scattering of attached molecules. Plasmon engineering is key to these properties including reproducibility (<9%), beamed output, resonances and orientation.

CLEO/QELS 2005 Baltimore 22-27 May (2005)

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