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Photorefractive planar waveguides in BaTiO3 fabricated by ion-beam implantation

K.E.Youden, S.W.James, and R.W.Eason
Department of Physics and Optoelectronics Research Centre, University of Southampton, UK

P.J.Chandler, L.Zhang, and P.D.Townsend
School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, University of Sussex, Brighton BNI 9QH, UK


For the first time to our knowledge, photorefractive properties have been observed in planar waveguides fabricated by the technique of ion-beam implantation in BaTiO3 single crystals. The implantation was carried out by using 1.5-MeV H+ ions at a dose of 10−16 ions/cm2. For a given input power, a decrease in the effective photo-refractive two-beam coupling response time of >102 has been observed, owing to a combination of optical confinement within the waveguide and possible modification of charge-transport properties induced through implantation. Experiments carried out on the two-beam coupling gain show that the gain direction has been reversed in the waveguide compared with that of the bulk crystal.

Optics Letters (1992) Vol.17(21) pp.1509-1511

doi: 10.1364/OL.17.001509

Southampton ePrint id: 78523


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