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Second harmonic generation in an optical fibre by self written χ(2) grating

M.C.Farries, P.St.J.Russell, M.E.Fermann, D.N.Payne


Measurements of the effective length and wavelength selectivity of a second order susceptibility grating written into a fibre are reported. A weak non-phase matched second harmonic signal at 532nm is generated by the allowed quadrupole polarisation. This signal initiates the self-writing of an axially periodic pattern of defect centres in the fibre which lead to the growth of a χ(2) grating. Phase-matching is achieved automatically because the enhanced χ(2) is written periodically into the fibre at spatial locations where the second harmonic signal is the highest and is in phase with the pump. One particular χ(2) grating extends over 12cm of fibre and has a bandwidth of 0.24nm.

IEE Colloquium Optical Fibre Measurements London 01-May (1987)

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