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Investigation for the operation of an integrated peristaltic micropump

B.Husband, M.Bu, V.Apostolopoulos, T.Melvin, A.G.R.Evans

Dept. Electronics and Computer Science and Optoelectronics Research Centre,
University of Southampton, UK


The design and production of sequencing and driver circuits, to operate a novel peristaltic micropump is integrated into a device with microfluidic reation chambers. The micro pump is used to pump a one microlitre droplet back and forth between the reaction chambers, to be used for Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). The pump has been successfully used to move a droplet of water within the devices channels. An interformetric method for optimizing the pumps operation is introduced here.

14th MicroMechanics Europe Workshop Delft, Netherlands 2-4 Nov (2003) Poster

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