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Explanation of the mechanism for acousto-optically induced unidirectional operation of a ring laser

W.A.Clarkson, A.B.Neilson, D.C.Hanna


A mechanism is proposed for the nonreciprocal behavior of a traveling-wave acousto-optic Q switch, whose use can provide an effective way to enforce unidirectional and hence single-frequency operation of a ring laser. Simple energy and momentum conservation considerations show that the Bragg condition is satisfied at different angles of incidence for the two counterpropagating beams, which leads to a difference in their diffraction losses. The loss difference, measured directly for a diode-pumped Nd:YAG ring laser, yielded values in close agreement with calculated values. Implications of these results for both single-frequency cw and Q-switched operation of diode-pumped solid-state ring lasers are discussed.

Optics Letters (1992) Vol.17(8) pp.601-603

doi: 10.1364/OL.17.000601

Southampton ePrint id: 78536


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