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Thermally diffused waveguides in YVO4

S.J.Hettrick, J.S.Wilkinson and D.P.Shepherd


Lasers based on planar optical waveguides have recently generated interest for use as high-average-power sources, due to a combination of attractive features including high optical gain, good thermal-power handling and compatibility with the geometry of high-power diode pump sources [1,2]. However, high-power diode pumping of monolithic plane-plane waveguide cavities generally leads to multi-mode output. One possible route to controlling the spatial output of such devices is through the use of tapered waveguides [3]. For devices of a few centimetres in length, adiabatic expansion can be achieved up to widths of a few hundred microns. This leads to structures compatible with end-pumping by broad-stripe diodes or, for higher power, side-pumping by diode bars. The latter route requires a very strong absorption of the diode emission, as the absorbing length is only a few hundred microns. Thus we have investigated thermal diffusion in YVO4 as a potential waveguide fabrication technique that is compatible with the patterning required for tapered waveguides.

QEP-15 Glasgow 3-6 Sep (2001) pp.179 Poster

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