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Neodymium and gadolinium diffusion in yttrium vanadate

S.J.Hettrick, J.S.Wilkinson and D.P.Shepherd


The thermal diffusion of Nd3+ and Gd3+ ions in YVO4 is characterised, finding diffusion rates of 7x10−19 and 44x10−19 m2s−1 respectively at 1400°C, and activation energies of 5.3x10−19 and 2.9x10−19 J respectively, for diffusion along the c-axis. The fluorescence properties of the Nd3+-diffused YVO4 agree well with those of bulk doped materials. The formation of a planar optical waveguide was also observed for one of the Nd3+-diffused samples. This characterisation is a significant first step towards fabrication of waveguide lasers and amplifiers in this important laser material.

Journal of the Optical Society of America B (2002) Vol.19 pp.33-36

doi: 10.1364/JOSAB.19.000033

Southampton ePrint id: 268095


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