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A low-cost, ultra-wide range infrared polarizer



There is a shortage of convenient, low-cost, wide-range infrared polarizers. Only wire grid devices are available to cover the entire mid- and far-infrared region, several high-cost polarizers being needed to cover the full spectral range, with limited performance. It is shown that a "pile-of-plates" polarizer suitable for use in Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometers can be constructed from semiconductor grade silicon (resistivity exceeding 10 Ω cm, n-type preferably float-zone silicon) which can be used from about 1.2 μm to above 250 μm. "Optical grade" silicon is not reliably suitable for use in the far infrared. The polarizer is ideal for use with some lasers (He-Ne 1.52 or 3.39 μm lines, CO, HF, DF and diodes) but it is not suitable for carbon dioxide lasers of significant power.

Measurement Science and Technology (1995) Vol.6(8) pp.1124-1132

doi: 10.1088/0957-0233/6/8/006

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