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Brillouin-based fiber-optic distributed temperature sensor with optical preamplification

K. de Souza
Department of Physics, University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad, West Indies

Department of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton, UK


Optical preamplification has been used in a fiber-optic distributed temperature sensor based on spontaneous Brillouin scattering and the use of direct detection, resulting in improved signal-to-noise ratios. The fiber-based optical preamplifier system comprises a three-port circulator, an erbium doped fiber amplifier with a small-signal gain of 27 dB, and a fiber Bragg grating with 47 GHz bandwidth. An improvement of 17 dB in the optical signal-to-noise ratio for the Brillouin signal is demonstrated in a 23 km sensor. The limit to the signal-to-noise ratio is attributed to spontaneous-spontaneous beat noise generated at the photodetector by amplified spontaneous emission from the optical amplifier.

Optics Letters (2000) Vol.25(18) pp.1331-1333

doi: 10.1364/OL.25.001331

Southampton ePrint id: 13613


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