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Gratings in indium oxide film overlayers on ion-exchanged waveguides by excimer laser micromachining

S.Pissadakis, L.Reekie, M.N.Zervas, J.S.Wilkinson
Optoelectronics Research Centre, University of Southampton, Southampton, UK

F.O.R.T.H-IESL, Materials group, P.O.Box 1527, Heraklion 71 110, Crete, Greece


Relief Bragg gratings were imprinted by 248nm interferometric excimer laser ablation on potassium ion-exchanged channel waveguides in BK-7 glass overlaid with athin high-index InOx film. Using five pulses of energy density 60mJ/cm2, a spectral transmittance notch of depth 66% and Δλ < 0.1nm was obtained at 1547nm in the TE polarisation for a waveguide having a nominal width of 8μm and a 135nm thick InOx overlayer. In waveguides coated with 100nm InOx, with widths increasing from 3μm to 8μm, the reflection wavelength shifted by 0.12nm/μm and the reflectivity increased monotonically.

Applied Physics Letters (2001) Vol.78(6) pp.694-696

doi: 10.1063/1.1345836

Southampton ePrint id: 260371


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