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Comparison of 2nd harmonic generation in 1 and 2D nonlinear periodic crystals

N.G.R.Broderick, T.M.Monro, G.W.Ross, D.J.Richardson, D.C.Hanna and P.G.R.Smith


Recently Berger [1] introduced the idea of nonlinear photonic crystals (NPC) as the generalisation to higher dimensions of one dimensional quasi-phase matched structures. In a NPC the linear refractive index is constant while the second order susceptibility tensor varies periodically. Recently we fabricated what we believe is the first such two dimensional NPC in lithium niobate and our initial characterisation of the crystal has been reported elsewhere [2]. This crystal which was used here was poled in a hexagonal pattern.and was 7mm wide, 10mm long and 0.3mm thick. The poled fraction was ~30% and the period was 18.05μm.

CLEO/Europe 2000 Nice 10-15 Sep (2000)

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