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Electron lifetime measurement in stepped quantum wells for far infrared lasers

Z.Xin, H.N.Rutt and H.A.Tan
Infrared Science and Technology Group, Optoelectronics Research Centre University of Southampton, UK

J.Wells and I.Bradley
FOM-Institute for Plasma Physics "Rijnhuizen", P. O. Box 1207, NL-3430 BE Nieuwegein, The Netherlands


A theoretical study shows that electron population inversion can be realised by optically pumping an asymmetric quantum well (QW) by elegantly designing the subbands. In our previous work, we proposed a three-level system using multiple stepped QWs and a four-level system using multiple coupling QWs to work in the range 40 - 300 μm as an analogue of a far infrared (FIR) gas laser and a Nd3+:YAG laser systems. Research has shown that the gain could be significantly reduced due to hot electron phonon emission and inhomogeneous broadening induced during the QW growth.

SIOE 2000 Cardiff 17-19 Apr (2000)

Southampton ePrint id: 16957


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