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River Analyser - multiresidue immunoanalytical monitoring tools

Andreas Brecht1, Claudia Barzen1, Albrecht Klotz1, Gunter Gauglitz1, Richard Harris2, Geoffrey Quigley2, James Wilkinson2, Soizic Fraval3, Pascale Sztajnbok3, DamiÓ Barcelˇ4, Jordi Gascon4, Michael Steinwand5, Ram Abuknesha6

1. Institute of Physical Chemistry, University of Tubingen. 72076 Tubingen. FRG
2. Optoelectronics Research Centre, University of Southampton, UK
3. Anjou Recherche / Compagnie Generale des Eau, Chemin de la Digue BP 76,78603 Maisons-Laffine, France
4. Centro De Investigacion Y Desarrollo, Jordi Girona I8 - 76.08034 Barcelona, Spain
5. Perkin-Elmer GmbH. Bodenseewerk. 88647 hrlingen. FRG
6. GEC Marconi Materials Technology. Elstree Way, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire WD6 IRX, Great Britain


Immunoanalytical techniques find growing acceptance in the field of environmental monitoring (Van Emon and Gerlach 1995). Although immunoassays have many attractive features, the lack of multiresidue approaches is a serious obstacle in environmental monitoring. In many environmental situations the simultaneous determination of more than one analyte is required. The situation is further complicated by the fact, that the analyte panels, which are to be detected, may vary with location and season.

The RIANA project (RIver ANAlyser) is focused on immunoanalytical tools, that allow to detect multiple analytes in a single run. The application areas foreseen are online monitoring - e.g. at pumping sites or transportable devices for field use. In this paper we describe the concept and give first results.

Biosensors for Environmental Diagnostics Teubner Stuttgart Germany (1998) pp.147-160

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