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Nonlinear switching using Bragg gratings

N.G.R.Broderick, D.Taverner, D.J.Richardson, M.Ibsen and R.I.Laming


Fibre Bragg gratings (FBGs) consist of a periodic modulation of the refractive index along the core of the fibre. This periodicity creates a photonic bandgap and results in strong reflectivity near the Bragg wavelength. The narrow bandwidth and large dispersion of FBGs makes them ideal for linear dispersion compensator and for add/drop filters in WDM systems. In the nonlinear regime Bragg gratings are bistable devices and thus could potentially form the basis of all-optical switches. Recently we have demonstrated three types of nonlinear switching in Bragg gratings: a simple self-induced nonlinear switch, an all-optical AND gate, and a pump induced switch (the optical pushbroom). To understand these switches it is necessary to recall the basic nonlinear properties of Bragg gratings.

IEEE Colloquium on Optoelectronics Integration and Switching Glasgow Nov (1997)

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