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Effects of Ge concentration on one-quantum UV photo-reactions of oxygen deficient centers in germanosilicate glasses

V.N.Bagratashvili and S.I.Tsypina
Science-Research Center for Technological Lasers of Rus. Academy of Sci., Pionerskaya 2, Troitsk, Moscow Region, 142092, Russia

P.V.Chernov, A.O.Rybaltovskii and Yu.V.Zavorotny
Science-Research Institute of Nuclear Physics of Moscow State University, Moscow, 1 19899, Russia

Optoelectronics Research Centre, the University of Southampton, UK


The effects of Ge concentration, spectroscopic and photochemical inhomogeneity on GODC photochemistry in germanosilicate fibers and preforms are established and their mechanisms are discussed.

12th International Conference on Optical Fiber Sensors Williamsburg USA 28-31 Oct (1997)

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