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(first submitted as 'The optical pushbroom in action')

Optical pulse compression in fiber Bragg gratings

N.G.R.Broderick, D.Taverner, D.J.Richardson, M.Ibsen and R.I.Laming


We report the first experimental demonstration of the optical pushbroom - a novel type of all-optical pulse compression. In the optical pushbroom high intensity pump pulses, tuned well away from the resonance of a Bragg grating, modify the transmission of a weak probe tuned near to the grating's photonic bandgap. The clarity of the experimental results and their close agreement with numerical simulations highlight the tremendous potential of the fiber environment for the detailed study and practical application of nonlinear Bragg grating effects.

Physical Review Letters (1997) Vol.79(23) pp.4566

doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.79.4566

Southampton ePrint id: 77948


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