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Gallium lanthanum sulphide optical fibre for active and passive applications

D.W.Hewak, R.C.Moore, T.Schweizer, D.Brady, J.Wang, M. Kluth and D.N.Payne


Gallium lanthanum sulphide glass has now been demonstrated in the form of multimode and singlemode fibre. Applications of this glass, when doped with rare earth ions, include a 1.3 micron optical fibre amplifier and long wavelength sources operating in the 3-5 micron region. For these applications to be practical, effort is required to decrease fibre loss. This paper deals with progress to date in the achievement of a low loss gallium lanthanum sulphide fibre. Loss due to absorption by impurities is identified and sources of scattering indicated. Efforts to minimize these extrinsic loss sources are described. The properties of the best fibre achieved to date are described and emerging applications outlined.

Annual Meeting of the American Ceramic Society Cincinnati Ohio 4-7 May (1997) pp.317

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