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High-power single-frequency operation, at 1064nm and 1061.4nm of a Nd:YAG ring laser end-pumped by a beam-shaped diode bar

K.I.Martin, W.A.Clarkson, D.C.Hanna


A Nd:YAG laser having a ring configuration, with Faraday rotator to provide unidirectional operation has been end-pumped by a single 20 W diode bar equipped with a beam-shaper. A single-frequency TEM00 output of 5.4 W is achieved at 1064 nm. Using a thin intracavity etalon for wavelength selection, a single-frequency output of 4.2 W is obtained on the 1061.4 nm transition.

Optics Communications (1997) Vol.135(1-3) pp.89-92

doi: 10.1016/S0030-4018(96)00593-7

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