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Luminescence measurements and properties of Ti:Sapphire layers created by PLD

M.Jelínek, J.Oswald, L.Jastrabík, J.Lančok, M.Nikl, D.Chvostová,
Institute of Physics, Na Slovance 2, 180 40 Prague 8, Czech Republic

R.W.Eason, A.A.Anderson,
Optoelectronics Research Centre, University of Southampton, UK.

C.Fotakis, C.Grivas,
IESL FO.R.T.H., P.O.Box 1527, 711 10 Heraklion, Crete, Greece

Lab. d'Optique des Surfaces et des Couches Minces. E.N.S.P.M. Dom. University de St.Jerome 12297 Marseille Cedex 20 France

Crytur-preciosa Turnov, Preperska 1447, 511 19 Turnov, Czech Republic

Institute of Radioelectronics, Chaberska 57, 182 51 Prague 8, Czech Republic


The development of miniature, compact and efficient lasers compatible with fiber and integrated optics are of great interest from scientific and technological point of view. Planar waveguide lasers are of interest in the last several years. In this work we describe the properties of Ti:sapphire films created on sapphire and quartz substrates by method of pulsed laser deposition (PLD). ...

ICL '96 Prague 18-23 Aug (1996)

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