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Optical control of domain structures in strontium barium niobate (SBN)

Graeme W.Ross, Peter G.R.Smith, Paul T.Brown and Robert W.Eason
Optoelectronics Research Centre and Department of Physics, University of Southampton, UK


We investigate the use of combined optical and electrical techniques to control domain formation in ferroelectric SBN, and examine the periodic structures induced by spatially modulating the light intensity through the crystal during the electrical poling process. The role of photoexcited charges in compensating and stabilising the induced domain structures is summarised, and the importance of thermal effects established. The process of domain re-ordering is shown to be particularly sensitive to temperature changes close to a domain freezing point of SBN, which occurs near room temperature. The resulting light-induced domain re-ordering is assessed using current monitoring during the repoling process, and photorefractive two-beam coupling of the resulting structures.

SPIE Aug (1996)

Southampton ePrint id: 76870


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