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Characterization and modelling of thulium:ZBLAN blue upconversion fibre lasers

R.Paschotta, P.R.Barber, A.C.Tropper, D.C.Hanna


We have investigated the performance of blue upconversion fibre lasers based on thulium-doped ZBLAN fiber, operating at 480 nm with a 1140-nm pump. Extensive fluorescence measurements have provided the necessary spectroscopic data to present a computer model that he performance of such lasers with good accuracy despite the complicated three-step upconversion mechanism and the influence of ion-ion energy transfer processes. We have identified the mechanisms that populate the levels above the 1G4 level and are able to specify the corresponding spectroscopic parameters. We discuss the relevance of these processes to the 480nm laser performance. Furthermore, we have calculated optimized parameters for such lasers.

Journal of the Optical Society of America B (1997) Vol.14(5) pp.1213-1218

doi: 10.1364/JOSAB.14.001213

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