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Identification of sources of diameter fluctuations in smooth optical fibres by analysis of their spatial power spectrum

M.R.Hadley, D.N.Payne and R.J.Mansfield


Diameter control of optical fibres has become increasingly important in reducing attenuation and in ensuring that size compatibility exists between fibres for use in various connector configurations. In particular, non-adjustable connector design for single-mode fibres requires a very tight tolerance on fibre diameter (~0.1 μm) and this leads to speculation as to the ultimate practical limits of diameter control. Consequently, a systematic study of the factors influencing fibre diameter fluctuation has been undertaken in both frequency and time domains with the aid of a computer-based logging system. Various noise sources have been identified and their magnitudes quantified; furthermore, improvements have been implemented which, together with feedback control, allow repeatable production of kilometer lengths of fibre with <0.2 μm r.m.s. diameter deviation.

6th ECOC York Sep (1980) Vol.IEE 190 pp.53-56

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