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Viscosity measurements in halide melts

M.Naftaly1, A.Jha1, E.R.Taylor2 and K.C.Mills3

1. School of Materials, University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT, UK
2. Optoelectronics Research Centre, University of Southampton, UK
3. National Physics Laboratory, Building 154, Teddington TW11 OLW, UK


Viscosities of two kinds of halide melts were measured at temperatures near the glass transition and above the melting point. The melts and glasses investigated were two fluoroaluminate glasses, a cadmium mixed halide and a cadmium halide phosphate glasses, and a gallium-indium fluoride glass.

The fluoroaluminate glasses were designed as core and cladding for a Nd-doped 1.3 μm fibre amplifier, while the cadmium halide and cadmium phosphate glasses, were designed as core and cladding for the Pr-doped 1.3 μm fibre amplifier. The gallium fluoride glass was also designed as host for the Pr-doped amplifier. The cadmium mixed halide glass exhibits a strong non-Newtonian behaviour contrasting with near-Newtonian fluoroaluminate melts. The implications of these results on fibre drawing and low-loss fibre fabrication are discussed. Viscosity data were fitted to models, and the appropriateness of the fits is discussed.

10th ISNOG Corning NY Jun (1996)

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