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Measurement of complex coupling coefficients of directional coupling by thermo-optic modulation

University of Cambridge, Institute of Biotechnology, Cambridge CB2 lQT, United Kingdom

J.E.Román, R.D.Harris, J.S.Wilkinson
Optoelectronics Research Centre, University of Southampton, UK

Technische Universitat Hamburg-Harburg, Optik und MeStechnik, 21701 Hamburg, Germany


Directional coupling between two parallel singlemode optical waveguides is the functional principle underlying numerous integrated optical devices, such as modulators, filters and sensors. As the coupling efficiency depends critically on the synchronism of wave propagation and on the field overlap of the two guides, tight tolerances apply in waveguide fabrication, and a precise determination of the coupling parameters is essential. ...

IPR '96 Boston Apr (1996) pp.439-442

Southampton ePrint id: 76902


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