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Linear and non-linear dispersion compensation of short pulses using midspan spectral inversion

A.Royset, S.Y.Set, I.A.Goncharenko, and R.I.Laming


Fibre nonlinearity and dispersion may limit the repeater spacing in high speed fibreoptic transmission systems. We report experimental and numerical results on the nonlinear propagation of short optical pulses over standard non-dispersion shifted fibre links which are dispersion compensated using midspan spectral inversion. It has been found that an increased transmission nonlinearity can be tolerated if the spectral inversion is moved away from the midpoint of the span. Full recovery of the initial pulsewidth is experimentally demonstrated in the presence of nonlinearities. A system design based on these results is presented, allowing high transmitted power and long repeater spacing.

IEEE Photonics Technology Letters (1996) Vol.8(3) pp.449-451

doi: 10.1109/68.481146

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