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Resonant loop mirror with narrow-band reflections and its applications in single-frequency fibre lasers

R.Paschotta, D.J.B.Brinck, S.G.Farwell, and D.C.Hanna


We present a new form of loop mirror (to be realized with all-fiber or integrated optics technology) that can produce narrow-band reflections and could find an application in single-frequency fiber lasers, allowing for a standing-wave design with a long doped section and eliminating the need for a Faraday isolator or a fiber grating. We discuss the main features of such a loop mirror and present experimental results that agree well with the theory.

Applied Optics (1997) Vol.36(3) pp.593-596

doi: 10.1364/AO.36.000593

Southampton ePrint id: 78092


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