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An optimised technique for backscatter attenuation measurements in optical fibres

A.J.Conduit, J.L.Hullett, A.H.Hartog, D.N.Payne


A technique which gives maximum range and sensitivity for estimating fibre attenuation from the backscattered light has been evolved. With this technique stability problems in the source and receiver are overcome by taking two different time samples for each pulse launched into the fibre, the attenuation being derived from the ratio of the two samples. An analysis indicates that an optimum operating strategy exists in terms of the choice of system parameters such that the range over which attenuation can be measured is maximized. Results indicate that local loss measurements can be performed on fibre sections which are remote from the source by a distance corresponding to a fibre attenuation of 27 dB. Furthermore, preliminary experimental results are presented to demonstrate the viability of the technique.

Optical & Quantum Electronics (1980) Vol.12 pp.169-178

doi: 10.1007/BF00619560

Southampton ePrint id: 78680


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