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Ion-exchanged Er/Yb waveguide laser at 1.5µm pumped by a laser diode

J.E.Román, M.Hempstead, W.S.Brocklesby, S.Nouh, and J.S.Wilkinson
Optoelectronics Research Centre, University of Southampton, UK

P.Camy, C.Lerminiaux and A.Béguin
Corning Europe Inc., 7 bis, Avenue de Valvins, 772 10 Avon, France


We demonstrate a diode-pumped, planar Er/Yb waveguide laser. The device was fabricated by thallium exchange in a phosphorus-free silicate glass. Lasing was achieved at 1544 nm with a threshold of 5 mW and a slope efficiency of 2%. The low threshold indicates the absence of the severe backtransfer effects previously reported in Er/Yb bulk laser silicate glasses.

Electronics Letters (1995) Vol.31(16) pp.1345-1346

doi: 10.1049/el:19950897

Southampton ePrint id: 78142


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