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Design of linearly-chirped fibre gratings for optical communications

M.N.Zervas, D.Taverner, S.Barcelos and R.I.Laming


The dispersion characteristics of linearly chirped fibre gratings have been studied systematically. It is shown that in order to compensate the linear dispersion along 100km of STF, over a certain FWHM bandwidth, the required fibre-grating length is 17.7cm/nm. Compensation of the linear dispersion of 100km over a FWHM bandwidth of 5nm, require a fibre grating of 88.5cm. On the other hand, perfect recompression of 10ps optical pulses over a distance of 100km require a fibre grating of about 22cm.

Photosensitivity and Quadratic Nonlinearity in Glass Waveguides: Fundamentals and Applications May (1995)

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