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Dispersion compensating chirped fibre gratings

R.I.Laming, M.N.Zervas, S.Barcelos, M.J.Cole, L.Reekie, N.Robinson1, P.L.Scrivener2

Optoelectronics Research Centre, University of Southampton, UK
1. MCI Telecommunications Corporation, 1201 Arapaho Road, Richardson, Texas 75081, USA
2. Pirelli Cable Corporation, R & D Centre, 710 Industrial Drive, Lexington, South Carolina 29072, USA


The dispersion characteristics of linearly chirped fibre gratings have been studied in detail and design criteria established. It is shown that in order to compensate the linear dispersion of 100km of standard fibre, over a certain FWM bandwidth, the required fibre-grating length is 17.7cm/nm. Dispersion Compensation measurements for both a 200km, 2.5Gbit/s direct-modulated transmitter and a 216km, 10Gbit/s externally-modulated transmitter experiment confirm these predictions.

EFOC & N Brighton 27-30 Jun (1995)

Southampton ePrint id: 76998


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