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Chirped fibre Bragg gratings fabricated using etched tapers

L.Dong, J.L.Cruz, L.Reekie and J.A.Tucknott


We have demonstrated a technique capable of controllably producing fibre Bragg gratings with any arbitrary chirp profiles. The technique involves making a taper on the outer cladding of a section of fibre by differential etching along the length of the fibre. A grating is then written over the taper in the usual manner. A strain gradient develops over the taper when a tension is applied to the fibre and this strain gradient is used to introduce a chirp in the gratings. The chirp can be introduced either during or after grating writing. Tension can be used to tune the central wavelength and chirp the gratings if desired. Linearly chirped gratings with bandwidth up to 4.8nm have been produced to demonstrate the controllability of the technique. These gratings are ideal for use in dispersion compensation and optical pulse shaping.

20th Australian Conference on Optical Fibre Technology (ACOFT '95) Australia 3-6 Dec (1995) Vol.1 pp.363-368

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