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A dispersion tunable grating in a 10Gbit/s 100-220km step index fibre link

R.I.Laming, N.Robinson1, P.L.Scrivener2, S.Barcelos, L.Reekie, J.A.Tucknott and M.N.Zervas

Optoelectronics Research Centre, University of Southampton, UK
1. MC1 Telecommunications Corporation, 1201 Arapaho Road, Richardson, Texas 75081, USA
2. Pirelli Cable Corporation, Research & Development Centre, 710 Industrial Drive, Lexington, South Carolina 29072, USA


A dispersion tunable 40mm fibre grating has been employed in a 10Gbit/s, step-index fibre link. Dispersion is effectively compensated for span lengths in the range 103-216km. However, at the longer spans the increased dispersion of the grating results in a reduced bandwidth and therefore its centre wavelength is found to be critical (±0.005nm).

ECOC '95 Brussels 17-21 Sep (1995) pp.585-588

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