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Dr Hans Christian Mulvad

Research Staff


Azaña, J., Oxenløwe, L.K., Palushani, E., Slavík, R., Galili, M., Mulvad, H.C.H., Hu, H., Park, Y., Clausen, A.T. and Jeppesen, P. (2012) In-fiber subpicosecond pulse shaping for nonlinear optical telecommunication data processing at 640 Gbit/s International Journal of Optics, 2012, pp. 1-16. (doi:10.1155/2012/895281).

Zhang, Haojie, Healy, Noel, Mulvad, Hans Christian, Hayes, John, Petrovich, Marco, Dasgupta, Sonali, Richardson, David and Peacock, Anna (2016) A multi-core fiber to single-mode fiber side-polished coupler At CLEO16, United States. 05 - 10 Jun 2016.

Guan, P., Røge, K.M., Kjøller, N.K., Mulvad, H.C., Hu, H., Galili, M., Morioka, T. and Oxenløwe, L.K. (2015) All-optical WDM regeneration of DPSK signals using optical fourier transformation and phase sensitive amplification At 2015 European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC), Valencia, Spain. 27 Sep - 01 Oct 2015. 3 pp. (doi:10.1109/ECOC.2015.7342010).

Chen, Yong, Mulvad, Hans Christian, Sandoghchi, Seyed Reza, Numkam Fokoua, Eric, Bradley, Thomas, Hayes, John, Wheeler, Natalie, Jasion, G., Alam, Shaif-ul, Poletti, Francesco, Petrovich, Marco and Richardson, David (2016) First demonstration of low loss, bend insensitive 37-cell hollow-core photonic bandgap fiber at 1µm for high power delivery applications At Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics 2016, San Jose, United States. 05 - 10 Jun 2016. 2 pp.

Kjøller, Niels-Kristian, Røge, Kasper Meldgaard, Guan, Pengyu, Mulvad, Hans Christian, Galili, Michael and Oxenløwe, Leif Katsuo (2016) A novel phase-locking-free phase sensitive amplifier-based regenerator Journal of Lightwave Technology, 34, (2), pp. 643-652. (doi:10.1109/JLT.2015.2482122).

Chen, Yong, Petrovich, Marco, Sandoghchi, Seyed Reza, Bradley, Thomas, Hayes, John, Wheeler, Natalie, Numkam Fokoua, Eric, Jasion, G., Mulvad, Hans Christian, Liu, Zhixin, Alam, Shaif-ul, Slavík, Radan, Poletti, Francesco and Richardson, David (2016) Recent advances in the development of high performance hollow-core photonic bandgap fibres At ICTON 2016, Italy. 10 - 14 Jul 2016.

Mulvad, Hans, Parker, Andrew, King, Bryan, Smith, Daryl, Kovacs, Mate, Jain, Saurabh, Hayes, John, Petrovich, Marco, Richardson, David and Parsons, Nick (2017) Beam-steering all-optical switch for multi-core fibers At OFC 2017, Los Angeles. 19 - 23 Mar 2017. (doi:10.1364/OFC.2017.Tu2C.4).

Abokhamis Mousavi, Seyedmohammad, Mulvad, Hans, Wheeler, Natalie, Horak, Peter, Bradley, Thomas, Alam, Shaif-Ul, Hayes, John, Sandoghchi, Seyed Reza, Richardson, David and Poletti, Francesco, (2017) Exploring nonlinear pulse propagation, Raman frequency conversion and near octave spanning supercontinuum generation in atmospheric air-filled hollow-core Kagomé fiber Vodopyanov, Konstantin L. and Schepler, Kenneth L. (eds.) In Nonlinear Frequency Generation and Conversion: Materials and Devices XVI. vol. 10088, SPIE. 10 pp, pp. 1-10. (doi:10.1117/12.2253706).


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