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Post Doctoral Research Fellows - Nanophotonic Quantum Toolkit on Fibre,

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Applicants are invited for three research positions in the area of Nanophotonic Quantum Toolkit on Fibre at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. The project focuses on a substantial research project on proof-of-principle demonstrations of the fibre-integrated quantum devices for photon generation, switching, manipulation and detection.

PhD Studentship: Dynamic Displacement Measurement Techniques for Shock Physics Applications

Optoelectronics Research Centre, Highfield Campus, University of Southampton

Applicants are invited to apply for this fully-funded iCase studentship to investigate the difficult and often complex problem of dynamic measurement of physical parameters in an explosively driven system. With explosive systems reaching temperatures of 1000’s of degrees, pressures measured in GPa and velocities of several km/s, it is an extreme environment in which to make high precision measurements.

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PhD Studentship: Study of techniques for efficient nonlinear frequency conversion of high power fibre lasers to the visible wavelength band (901117EH)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship: Hollow beam lasers and laser processing (885917EH)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship: Laser modification of materials at the micro- and nanoscale for photonics and information technology (882817EH)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship: Bismuth doped optical fibres: fabrication and development of ultra-broadband fibre amplifiers and short pulse fibre lasers (875617F7)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship: Dynamic Displacement Measurement Techniques for Shock Physics Applications (875917EH)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship: Beam-Shaping for High-Precision High-Speed Laser-Based Manufacturing (876117EH)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD studentship: Composite material nonlinear all fibre devices (875017EH)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship: Quasi-phase-matched (QPM) materials for active sensing in the infrared waveband (875317EH)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship: Optical-based data storage for aerospace (867517EH)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship: Development of high-performance nonlinear optical crystals (851617EH)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship: Laser processed Silicon/Ferroelectric photonics (851717EH)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship: Mid-infrared nonlinear photonics in group IV semiconductor waveguides (816716EH)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship: Semiconductor devices for nonlinear photonics and applications (816816EH)PhD Studentship (Funded)

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